The Vineyards

Our goal is simple: to make the best wines from the best vines. The Pacific Northwest suffers from an embarrassment of agricultural riches and we’ve travelled far and wide to find the vineyard sites that are our jewels. Being passionate and curious about wine, we’ve found our biggest challenge is exercising discipline amongst so many gorgeous options.

As the country’s newest AVA, The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater has received its fair share of attention in the wine world. Our 20-acre Estate vineyard, just across the state line from our winery home in Walla Walla, is a perfect example of the geology the area is known for -- studded with beautiful basalt cobblestones and bedded in rich soils courtesy of the Missoula floods. The vineyard is currently in development and in spring of 2017 we’ll plant what the site tells us to -- as we say, “If the wine is worth it, we’ll do it!” We look forward to vines that produce only the best of fruits: interesting, distinctive and with personality.

Stoney Vine, "The Rocks District", Oregon

This vineyard is known most for its Rhone and Mediterranean varietals and as our Estate vineyard next-door neighbors, gives us a great opportunity work with “Rocks” fruit while we wait for our own plantings to mature. Vineyards on the “Rocks” literally are -- there is no soil to work with. This can make farming difficult but it’s wonderful for vines. With loose gravel, the roots dig deep, warmed consistently by the heat retained in the cobblestones. “It’s the most distinctive site I’ve ever worked with,” says Ali. “The fact that you can actually taste the cobblestone in the wine is absolutely amazing.”

Snuggled in the Cascade foothills above the Columbia River Gorge, near Hood River, Oregon, generations of vines wind their way to the heavens under the watchful boughs of fragrant Evergreens. Under the favor of a dramatic climactic cusp, many varietals prosper at White Salmon. Our favorites are the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which, thanks to the meticulous care and mastery of Peter Brehm, are among the best in the Northwest.

Rising with the slopes of Red Mountain, Red Heaven is an earthy and complex spot in Washington’s smallest AVA. The unique soils and microclimates of Red Heaven, coupled with Eastern Washington’s infamous diurnal flux, bear fruits with a true certainty of place. This vineyard is well-known for its Rhone varietals but we also find a particular thrill in the uniquely suited Spanish and Portuguese fruits it produces. We have a lot of fun in this bright spot and that joy truly shows in the wines we’ve created from it.

Visitors to this beautiful site, one of Washington’s oldest Chardonnay vineyards, are greeted by Chardonnay sentries - vines with trunks the size of Italian soccer players’ thighs. What better combination than futbol and Chardonnay? The low elevation and consistent wind through the Yakima valley combine to cool fruit even in the warmest of weather, giving fruit from this site a fresh acidity and crispness ideal for our style of wines.