Vintage Notes

2013 Vintage Notes

Mother Nature played a heckuva shell game with the 2013 vintage. One of the hottest growing seasons on record had the pH and flavors changing so fast on the Chardonnay that it required tasting off the vine each day -- and praying it wouldn’t rain. And rained. We had to cancel many pick days due to rain but were finally able to harvest on October 5. Even with the delay and the moisture, the Chardonnay kept a low pH and the flavors ripened perfectly.

Once the rains stopped, the weather continued to be mild which allowed for an extended hang time on the reds. So, once we harvested the whites, we got to hang around for a few weeks too -- waiting for the reds! The Ramparts, our Grenache-based blend with a touch of Syrah, was harvested on October 23; a low pH and natural acid were still very present despite the long, slow ripening period.

Stanley Groovy was also harvested in late October and the grapes from this proprietary blend had some of the darkest seeds we’ve ever seen in Washington. To enhance to amazing flavor of these long-hanging fruits we left the fermentation on the skins and seeds for a full 31 days prior to pressing. We then aged it in 650L “cigar” barrels, maximizing surface contact of juice on the staves. Totally groovy!

2014 Vintage Notes

Spring came early in 2014, with budbreak and flowering about two weeks ahead Mother Nature’s usual schedule. Overall, the vintage was another warm one with little rain and no early freezes, keeping fruit pristine and acids perfectly balanced.

Our first harvest began on September 9 and once we started picking, it felt like we just didn’t stop. Our last grapes were harvested on October 17 -- we can still smell the dry flowers of the Queen Anne’s Lace that was growing in White Salmon Vineyard when we picked the 2014 McAndrew. A sweet season overall.