Commitment to Sustainability

The mission of the Walls is, of course, to make stellar wines with distinctive profiles.

We do so with our minds on sustainability. 
Being responsible members of our community just makes our wines taste that much better. 

Upon purchasing our facility we set right to work upgrading it to be powered as responsibly as possible. Making wine takes a lot of energy -- and not just people power! The first thing we did was upgrade the lighting throughout the winery, replacing old systems with "wattsmart" lighting. We then invested $200,000 in solar technology, and now the roof of our winery is lined with solar panels which absorb the energy of Walla Walla's famous sunny days and transform them into power. Below you can see a live feed monitoring the energy created by these changes. To give you an idea of the impact, saving 100 tons in CO2 emissions is the equivalent of planting almost 5,000 trees! 

What makes the vineyards we select so special?