Martin's Gold

2016 Martin's Gold

the story

Originally brought to America by Paul Masson, Martin Ray planted French Chardonnay in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the 1940’s and revolutionized American winemaking. We make Martin’s Gold from the first plantings of this “Mt. Eden clone” in Washington State. This wine offers a bolder and more New World profile than other Chardonnays from The Walls, yet still with the restrained and balanced Old World style that Ali's wines are known for.

vintage Notes

“I think this is a really pretty wine.” says Ali. A sweltering growing season led to a numbers spike with this classic Chardonnay, so we picked very early to give ourselves some room to play. It was the right decision. “We’re growing up here,” added Ali, “this is a bigger, more powerful, elevated Chardonnay.” Rich salinity on the palate gives it an almost Old World balance. We all agree it’s a pretty wine but also one that packs a punch, with body robust enough to compliment some of the summer greats: earthy grilled meats, garlicky Caesar salad, and buttery, herbed breads.

““Ali’s deep understanding of the science side of wine coupled with a passion for the art of winemaking are what set her apart in a city full of capable winemakers—along with her ability to turn Chardonnay into a near-religious experience.””

-- Paul Zitarelli, Full Pull Wines

“Double Gold Medal (Unoaked Chardonnay category), 2018 Best of the Northwest awards”

-- SIP Magazine
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